Why waking up early will change your life

Why waking up early will change your life

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Do you know that great feeling when sleeping in? You open your eyes and stretch, you glance briefly at your alarm clock, turn around and sleep for another hour or two. What a beautiful gift you just made to yourself. A gift that won't last!


The problem is you may oversleep your entire day. There is nothing wrong with sleeping a bit longer than you should but the line between a healthy amount of sleep and laziness is very, very tiny.


The biggest misconception is that this extra hour of sleep will totally change the roll out of your day. But in most cases that's not true! 30 min of exercising will improve your day by far more than one hour of extra sleep. Don't get me wrong. Of course you need to cover your minimum hours that your body requires, which differs from person to person. Some lucky people are fine with only five hours of sleep. Other's need eight hours. I'm right in the middle and probably the average with around seven hours of sleep. 


You have to figure out what your ideal amount of sleep is, and stick to it. In weekdays and on weekends!


In this blog post I will provide the benefits of waking up early and how it can change your life in a positive way. It will increase your energy level, your productivity, your mood and will even boost your level of happiness!

Waking up early will provide you with more energy.

Although it might feel like the opposite in the beginning, waking up early in the morning will provide you with lots of energy to tackle your day. There is a threshold to be reached where the benefits will sky rocket.


Image what you can do with all that extra energy. How about the gym classes that you wanted to do for so long? The new book that you wanted to read after work but you were just too tired. Or this new business project or event that you planned on doing. Waking up early will provide you with that extra energy to tackle all the tasks that you never get to do.


If you plan on waking up early, it requires you to go to bed earlier too. This will decrease the probability that you eat late and drink alcohol. By skipping alcohol and avoiding to overeat, you boost your energy level for the next day right off the bat. Obviously, not everybody is victim to overeating or alcohol, but most of the activities at night, are energy drainers for the next day. And like one of my friends told me once: "getting wasted is like borrowing energy from tomorrow".


Humans' natural rhythm is to sleep at night and be awake during day time. You should make use of the way mother nature has intended things for us. Why swim against the stream if you can make use of how things were meant to be in first place?


This may seem counter-intuitive but if you want to get more energy, consider waking up early.

Waking up early will increase your productivity.

Because you are awake before most of the people you will be able to get working on things without any interruptions. You may read a book, do some homework or develop a new online marketing strategy. Anything is faster achieved and completed without interruptions.


Given that you have not spend your energy on anything else yet, you will have much more focus to perform tasks on your priority list first thing in the morning. When waking up early, you will complete the tasks and master the challenges much earlier in the day rather than later. This is a natural remedy against procrastination. At the same time it will free up your night for fun things. 


The newly gained time in the morning can be used to stay ahead of the competition, to continue educating yourself or to do something for your health. When waking up early, you will be clear instead of blurry in your head. This will allow you to laser focus. Not only will you have time to complete things that you wouldn't otherwise, but you will complete things even faster than if you would do them during a different time of the day.


So if you want to get more things done, consider waking up early.

Waking up early will improve your mood and boost your level of happiness.

Because of your increased performance you will have the feeling of progress and fulfillment. You see massive results and you will be proud of the achievements evolving naturally because of your new routine of waking up early.


Things are playing in your favor and because of that your mood improves considerably.


If you have completed all the things you wanted early in the morning, you won't beat yourself up over not doing the additional work at night. You already completed what you planned for the day. This will give you a natural feeling of satisfaction. You will be able to relax, lean back and chill without feeling guilty.


Think of the benefits when being in a good mood. People around you like your family, girlfriend or friends enjoy spending time with you much more when you are in a good mood and happy. If you are single, dating will be much more pleasant and successful when you are in a good mood and happy. Besides that, you will have much more time for dating because your other projects are already completed ;-).


So if you want to improve your mood and level happiness, consider waking up early.


Now you have several very good reasons to wake up early every morning.


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