7 Steps to Will-Power of a Lion

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7 Steps to Will-Power of a Lion

Have you ever asked yourself why some people seem to have an infinite amount of motivation and follow their ambitions like a hungry lion who is determined to follow his prey until he gets what he wants? Read below how you can develop your will-power and get closer to your goals. I'd be happy to read your comments down below...

1. Know what you want.

Like a lion, you have to know what you want in life or business. A lion knows exactly what he wants. He wants to be the king of the animal kingdom. A lion is ready to do whatever it takes to get there.


So what is your vision? What do you want for your business or life? Do you really know where you are heading? Think of a lion who knows what he wants and try to be that powerful animal.


Before you even find the answer to the question of WHAT you want, you have to answer the question of WHY you want it. This will determine your real motivation. The WHAT is never as powerful as the WHY.


For example, your vision might be to become wealthy. But money alone will never motivate you as much as the reasons behind it. In this case, your WHY might be to achieve the feeling of freedom, independence, or to be able to provide to your family. So always start with your WHY and then answer your WHAT.

2. Be hungry.

If you want to be successful, you have to demonstrate your hunger for success. There are people who only talk about their desire to be successful and others who demonstrate it. What category do you fall under?


Have you ever seen a hungry lion who doesn't act upon satisfying his hunger? Would you ever like to come close to a hungry lion without a fence? No! Because you know that a lion will always act upon his hunger. He will consider you for a tasty meal. You must become the same. Be hungry and satisfy your hunger.

3. Believe in your abilities.

A lion is well aware of his power and abilities. He has the necessary confidence to go and hunt. Do you have the confidence and trust in yourself to go after your goals?


You have to believe in your skills and trust yourself. Even hard-to-get prey would never allow a lion to self-doubt his abilities or paralyze him.


What are some abilities and skills that you have successfully demonstrated in the past? Can they help you to increase your present confidence? Believe in your abilities.

4. Focus on the prey.

In a lion’s life, there are many distractions like hunting, standing his ground, as well as being the provider and leader of a respected pride (lion pack). There are annoying hyenas and other animals that seem like easy prey but not worth pursuing because of the small expected outcome (or the awful flavor of hyenas). The meat of a small mammal isn't nearly enough to feed a whole pride. So a lion must select carefully what prey to pursue.


I urge you to focus greatly on the right prey for you. Don’t get distracted by thousands of ideas and opportunities that might be interesting to you. Stick to your initial vision.


In a guided meditation the lion mind, a lion is compared to a dog. Imagine a dog following a bone thrown by you. Now, image the same but instead of a dog, you are facing a lion. The lion would take a short glance at the bone but never chase it. Instead, he would see you as a much better prey to go after. He will see the bigger picture.


Narrow down your focus and don’t get distracted while keeping an eye on the bigger picture, your vision. Think of distractions like tiny bones. Don’t go after tiny bones. You deserve the whole prey.

5. Smell opportunities.

I told you not to get distracted. But there are opportunities that bring you closer to your goals. Make sure to follow them.


Because you know your vision at all times, you will be able to smell opportunities even when they are not presented right in front of you. A lion is aware of his prey well in advance and not only when it is standing right in front of him. Become like a lion.


You must keep a lookout for new opportunities that are related to your vision and goals at all times. These opportunities are often beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone. So leave your comfort zone on a regular basis and you will find more opportunities waiting for you.

6. Attack.

Do you wish to cross paths with a lion ready to attack? Neither do I! Become like a lion ready to attack whenever the right opportunities arise. Waiting for progress to be handed to you is the worst strategy for getting closer to your goals. Action, Action, Action is the only thing that will make you successful. All of the steps above are useless without taking action.


Think of ways that can help you to constantly attack your prey. Do you have all the resources needed? Is there any knowledge or skill required to finally get started? Or is it simply fear that keeps you from taking action? If so, then face your fears, become fearless and attack your prey like a lion!

7. Don't quit.

Don't get me wrong. The above steps are no guarantee that things will go well. Lions attack their prey by outnumbering it and still struggle with putting it down. So nobody said it is going to be easy. But no matter how hard you fight, quitting is the last thing you want to do when it comes to your goals.


So what are mechanisms that you can put in place that stop you from quitting? Some methods are to put in place constant reminders of your motivation, your WHY.


Committing to other people by telling them about your goals can help too. This will put peer pressure on you. And lastly, you can impose consequences on yourself if you don't follow through. But remember, motivation is never as effective if you have to push yourself. Find something that attracts you so much that you will be automatically pulled towards it. Quitting won't be even an option anymore.


These steps will give you the will-power of a lion.  Your motivation will grow with your progress and wins. Motivation does not always lead to action. But action + small short-term wins will always increase your motivation. So get started with taking action.


In summary, here are the 7 Steps to Will-Power of a Lion:

  1. Know what you want: Define your goals and focus on the WHY first and then on the WHAT.
  2. Be hungry: Develop a hunger for success that you must satisfy no matter what.
  3. Believe in your abilities: Develop self-confidence based on things that you have successfully mastered in the past.
  4. Focus on the prey: Know your vision and focus on it. Don't get distracted by all the other opportunities unrelated to your goals.
  5. Smell opportunities: Always sense opportunities that will contribute to your vision and goals even if they are no right in front of you.
  6. Attack: Action is the only thing that will move you from where you are to where you want to be. Make sure you have all resources to take action. Small wins will increase your will-power, confidence, and hunger for more.
  7. Don't quit: Don't get discouraged if it doesn't work out immediately. You need a strong commitment so quitting won't be an option.

Thanks for dropping by. I'd be happy to read your comments below!

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