BACE Approach

Beyond Ambition Coaching Experience starts with the assumption that everything in life is achievable and that most limits imposed on you are neither final nor have to be accepted.


All circumstances are in your hands as they can be dealt with. All it requires is a mindset open for growth to understand that your happiness and success in life are not an accident, but the natural outcome of the continuous repetition of the right behaviors.


Fact is, that your Today is the result of your decisions, choices, actions, and habits from the past. Knowing this, BACE works with you on aligning your decisions, choices, actions, and habits from today with your true dreams and vision for the future. Each and every decision is determined by your core values.


None of the superficial, materialistic or seemingly fulfilling achievements like status or money is worth the effort if they are not aligned with your true purpose and your core values. You could achieve all of the above but continue to feel unhappy and not fulfilled. BACE starts at the base, your true purpose, and core values and aligns the rest.


Success in life is to live life according to your true purpose and core values and to align your vision, goals, and habits with it. The continuous progress toward the above is reflected in actions, decisions, and choices that will lead you to the fulfilled and happy life.



Success is...

How does this translate into business or career?

Humans are driven by emotions. All human behavior is driven by emotions. People start businesses or wish to excel at their jobs because they expect a feeling resulting from it. Often this could be the feeling of accomplishment or recognition, the feeling of power, independence or freedom, or the fear to fail or to lose something. Every human being is driven by different feelings. BACE's approach will find out what your true driving forces are and will translate them into performance in business or your career.


Only if the basics are internalized and practiced, BACE takes the challenges that are thrown at you in a business or career context and resolves them with you. Once issues are resolved, we will work systematically on aligning your daily actions, decisions, and choices with your core values. This will not only feel deeply fulfilling, but you will also experience true progress and the realization of your dreams.