BACE is not for you if...

  • This is against your will and somebody else told you to consult a coach
  • You are not coachable (not interested in external guidance
  • Don't believe in coaching because you know it better
  • You are not ready to make progress
  • You don't believe people or circumstances can change
  • You are a negative person from your core

BACE is for you if..

  • You are generally positive, but because of tough times you need to get back on track
  • You are coachable (open for external guidance)
  • You want to realize your vision, ideas, and true dreams
  • You believe growth is possible, but you don't know how
  • You can sincerely admit that you want external guidance
  • You want to experience new performance heights in life, your career or business
  • You are a subject expert but you miss the necessary business skills and strategies, a clear structure, focus, accountability, motivation, courage or other resources
  • You are ready to make changes to expect different results
  • You see coaching as method to gain additional resources to achieve your next level