16 Week Phone Coaching

Personal Phone Coaching by BACE is designed to provide a high quality coaching experience. Weekly 1-hour phone coaching sessions provide external guidance and expertise to ensure clear personal and professional goal setting, including assignments to establish focus and accountability. Your desired results are the natural outcome  when working with BACE. 


What is the duration of BACE program?

12 to 16 weeks. Most clients extend their program after seeing the benefits of BACE and the positive changes they have in their lives and businesses. Once clients have fully internalized and learned all techniques and methods, they will be able to apply and teach them to others.

What to expect from BACE

  • Benefit from the advantages of a personal coach (build real ambition and the ability to turn invisible ideas into your tangible reality, save time and achieve your goals faster, be held accountable, get external guidance and resources, 100% confidentiality)
  • 16 weeks personal phone-coaching (longer coaching possible upon request)
  • Weekly assignments to advance your progress and increase your accountability
  • Stay in line with your own vision and values
  • Obtain the necessary tools to become more effective and to stay focused
  • Build Leadership skills
  • Learn about your value added activities and non-value added activities and how to use it to your advantage
  • Obtain concrete action steps and develop habits to get tangible results to reach your personal and professional goals
  • Monthly progress reports
  • Bonus: Gain access to the BACE Network consisting of Marketing Specialists, Photographers, CPA Accountants, CFA Investment Consultants, Lawyers, Tax Specialists, Fitness & Health Experts, IT Programmers (Apps, Websites, Software and Online Marketing), Engineers, Mastermind Groups, Translators, Speakers and Influencers and other Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Peak Performers in Corporations, Leadership, Management and Life