Why Stilian Nikolow?

Having grown up in a small town in Germany, I have always had a strong desire to go out and build my dream life. I knew that destiny was in my hands. My parents were immigrants from Eastern Europe who went to Germany with $500 and two bags to start a better life. I witnessed their struggle to establish stability for their family and they succeeded. Their hustle has taught me how to get things in life, especially when they are not just given to you. The persistence that I developed has shaped my strength and personality. After several business projects in 4 countries on 2 continents, I decided to settle in Montreal, Canada. By then, I had acquired several skills and abilities that could serve me to build the life of my dreams.

Besides the six languages I speak, I internalized versatility for any environment as well as numerous business skills including Market Entry Strategies, Business Start-up, International Business and Market Development, Strategic Marketing and Sales, Customer Relationships, and Project Management.


The necessary personal skills like Visioning, Goal Setting, Action Planning and Executing, Leadership, Team Inspiration and Motivation, Business Negotiations, Public Speaking and Effective Presenting and of course Personal Coaching for Ambition, Performance, and tangible Results allow me to thrive. All of which are backed up by solid education in Business, Management, Leadership, Project Management, Negotiation, Public Speaking, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) and practical experience.

The true reason I want to work with you

I found my true purpose in life where I will constantly grow in a healthy manner to develop and live my full potential. This means gaining honest power, building an empire, becoming influential, striving for wisdom and reaching for enlightenment and freedom. This will allow me to achieve security and pleasure to experience the most beautiful things on this planet and to share them sincerely with my close and loved circle of people.

This is reached by providing value and inspiration to others, by lifelong learning, by building and keeping an outstanding quality of relationships and by developing a legacy for the generations to come. I am following this mission, when I maximize the positive impact on the lives of others, when I provide hope, when I teach and when I enable them to experience the possibility that they can turn their dreams into reality.


I change a piece of this world by making a positive difference, wherever I go.