What others are saying

Liam G. - Sales Representative and BBA Student (Montreal, Canada)

"As someone who is new to the business world, I greatly appreciate having a coach like Stilian who is always willing to share ideas to overcome obstacles. He has shared his knowledge and has helped guide me in achieving both my academic and career goals. Without a doubt, the most important benefit I have gained from my association with Stilian has been the mindset to succeed and go beyond in every challenge encountered."

Carl H. - Health & Physical Strength Specialist (Montreal, Canada)

"BEYOND AMBITION COACHING EXPERIENCE! I believe in getting help in areas that others master. I am health specialist and strength ambassador, but I benefit from Stilian’s skills in market development, sales and personal and business growth. We have many common topics – but what I like mostly is that he will always finds a way to work with me on my current projects and issues, despite my busy schedule. We have weekly coaching sessions and I had no clue where to start with my multi-day fitness bootcamps. Thanks to Stilian’s structure and ideas for lead generation, I now know where to head and I am confident about my path as an entrepreneur."

Isabelle K. - Business Happiness Enabler (Montreal, Canada)

"If ever you get a chance to work with Stilian, don’t miss out on the opportunity! As both a personal and professional coach, he helps you reach your potential and aspirations by getting you to come up with your own answers. Motivator and challenger, he gets you out of your comfort zone with finesse and consistency, all while respecting your pace and other life commitments. I particularly appreciated his timely support and genuine approach. Stilian was the “kick in the butt” that I needed to believe in myself and push further - I wouldn’t be in my current mindset if it weren’t for him.”  

Selina M. - Sales Manager (Barcelona, Spain)

"In recent years my life has been a roller coaster ride with lots of pleasure but also many challenges and obstacles thrown at me. No matter what issues I had to overcome, Stilian was always one of my goto resources for difficult decisions and made them seem easy. I definitely recommend working with this inspiring and result-generating coach."

Jessica N. - HR Business Partner & Entrepreneur (Mannheim, Germany)

“Not only have I received motivation and encouragement from Stilian, but also has he taught me to go out and reach for my true goals! I learned that everything is possible as well as what it takes to build and advance my business. He uses simple tools and techniques that work and bring the desired outcome.”

Fidan S. - Grad Student in Marketing (Frankfurt, Germany)

"Stilian is a true motivator and has lots of knowledge in business and how to deal with people effectively. He is success oriented and has provided his advice and support that helped me to make clear decisions for my career. I have enjoyed his mentorship even before he started his coaching business and I am sure to say that he will help many people regardless of background or current state to live their potential and reach their goals."